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Church History

The Forest In The Seed

Oftentimes we only see the seeds. Either we enjoy munching them – nuts and beans – if our uric acid level permits or we are annoyed with them – as in eating watermelon, grapes, or oranges that we prefer “seedless” fruits instead. Seeds are not just for our gastric delight or a good source of protein and minerals. Seeds are kernels of life. When it falls to the ground and dies, it lives and produces a plant, a tree, a forest. Do you see the forest in the seed

  1. The Seed
    The good seed fell on the good soil in late 1970s in the hearts of Rev. Conrado and Lydia Godoy. The whole family’s love for the Lord and His word paved the way for a ministry unto the world. The couple attracted a lot of people – “Ka Ado” was very adept in teaching the word through his Ecumenical Bible Studies. And “Mommy Lydia” with her culinary skills attracted hordes of young students from the nearby Meycauayan College [then Institute]. Their gifted children helped them establish the new fellowship – with Estrellita as the Christian Educator and the rest of the siblings with their musical contributions. Under the “silong” of the Godoys, Calvario Evangelical Fellowship was born.
  2. The Sprout
    In the early 1980s, the fellowship resolved to forego of the Ecumenical Bible Studies because most often the debates ended with conflicts and misunderstandings. The move caused the elder attendees to leave the group and those who stayed were mostly young people. In the first week of October, 1981, a spiritual revival broke out that launched the first formal worship service and it was called Calvario Evangelical Church. Some of the pioneer families aside from Godoy, comprising 50 to 70 members were – Dulatas, Tolentino, Certeza, Termulo, De los Santos and Relox. Lita began training 12 young people to help her in the ministry [Eusebio Dulatas Jr., Tomas Dulatas, Rodolfo Floresta, Arceo Tolentino, Juancho Termulo, Federico Termulo Jr., Joselito Termulo, Almario Termulo, Elmer de la Pena, Grace Sanchez, Elenita Godoy and Ma. Teresa Mabagos]. The church steadily grew from 50 to 120 members in three years. During this time, Almario Termulo, Rodolfo Floresta and Arceo Tolentino decided to study in FEBIAS College of Bible to prepare for full time ministry. In 1984, the migration of Ka Ado and most of his family members to US affected the growth of the new church. The membership dropped to 70. Lita with the help of Juancho Termulo and Jesus Tolentino managed the church for two years until Almario Termulo was called to pastor the church in July 1986.
  3. The Trunk
    Fresh from the seminary, FEBIAS College of Bible, Pastor Al Termulo shepherded the eighty [80] members of CEC using his bicycle to visit them. It was also in 1986 that Calvario Evangelical Church was registered to the Securities and Exchange Commission. After a year of visionary leadership, the membership doubled to 160 that they decided to use the nearby school [Calvario Elementary School] for worship service; sometimes under the talisay tree, other times on the school stage and during rainy season, inside the classrooms. Christian Education was established with the help of Tita Estrada, Carol Romasanta, Daday Teves, Gene de Jesus and Citas Samson. Rudy Floresta helped a lot in the Music Ministry of CEC in its early stage. In 1989, the growing church transferred to Hansel and Gretel [a known haunted house] in Saluysoy, Meycauayan, Bulacan. There were actual manifestations of demonic activities in the place but the demons could not withstand the fiery church. The evil spirits had to vacate the old house because of the strong daily prayers of the GAP [Guerillas Active in Prayer]. Much intercession, Salong-buhay, Evangelism Explosion and Anihan 300 contributed a lot for the tremendous growth of the church that averaged from 200 to 220 members. It was during this time that Pastor Rey Isaac entered the full-time ministry to assist Pastor Al Termulo. The unified and solid church ventured on purchasing a lot and building a chapel in Sampalucan, Calvario, Meycauayan, Bulacan in 1990. It was made possible with the cooperation of all members through different fund-raising schemes like the phenomenal PusPuso Concert held in the jam-packed Rizal Coliseum and was organized by Erick Reyes in 1986. During the early 1990s, the church also transitioned its worship service – from traditional hymn singing to a more modern full-band praise and worship with the help of Roland Fernando and Joey Floresta. Puspuso 2 with Gary Valenciano ushered CEC into Maristel Theater and the membership ballooned to 350. It was one of the peak seasons in the history of the church.
  4. The Branches
    The trunk produced four branches in the late 1980s in Ubihan [Pastor Jun Termulo, now Pastora Cristy Wenceslao], Saluysoy [Pastor Rey Isaac], Sta. Rosa, Marilao [Pastor Jun Termulo, Pastor Harry Manalo, Pastor, Pablo de la Cruz, Pastor Nas San Juan and now Pastor Luis Avendano] and Hagonoy [Pastor Rey Isaac, Pastor Bobbet Villafuerte]. In the early 1990s, fanned by the flame of evangelism, CROSSWolrd Mission was established with the inclusion of Kalookan [Pastor Al Termulo, Pastor Joe Floresta, now Pastor Rey Isaac], Aliaga, Nueva Ecija [Victorious Followers of Jesus Christ under Pastor Elmer de la Pena] and General Tinio, Nueva Ecija [Full Life under Pastor Lito Termulo]. Since then, there was no stopping in planting churches. On the 20th anniversary of CEC, we celebrated the 21 congregations that God had blessed us with. Other branches were in Batak and Badjao Tribes in Palawan [Pastor Jojo Dimafelis and Pastor Armando Rodriguez], Geuel in Amparo, Kalookan [Pastor Rey Dalida], Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija [Pastor Joseph Victoria], San Carlos, Nueva Ecija [Pastor Abet Angoluan and Pastor Bernard Gonzales], Bucot, Aliaga, Nueva Ecija [Pastora Baby Silva], Sibog, General Tinio [Pastor Jojo Apan], San Rafael, Bulacan [Pastor Harry Manalo, Pastor Mar Aguilar, Pastor Lito Termulo, Pastor Buddy Montevirgen, Pastor Bong Mojica, and now Pastor Terry Relox], Mamburao, Mindoro [Pastor Danny Avendano], Bacolod and Dumaguete [Pastor Larry Mapula] and Burias, Masbate [Pastor Jerry Abayon].

    The pastors and leaders felt the need to change the name Calvario Evangelical Church into a more Christ-centered name and not limited to just one location. In July 12, 1998, with the blessing of Rev. Conrado A. Godoy and the approval of SEC, CEC became Christ Enthroned Church.

  5. Fruits
    The fruit that we recognize in the ministry of CEC are not programs but transformed lives. In 1995, the Cell Church strategy dramatically changed the philosophy of CEC ministry. Our purpose of existence was summed up with the statement: Our mission is to bring the cross to the world by developing every believer to his full potential in Christ within caring and growing communities. We saw believers grow in discipleship and leadership into the new millennium. The cell groups in CEC Central peaked to 70 with 100 plus trained leaders in 2001. With the introduction of the Community of 12 or C12, the church became more focused with the homogenous groupings and intentional and closely supervised disciple-making. Later on our mission was simply stated as Reproducing Changed Lives. The showcase of changed lives, families, businesses and ministries are better than a mere display of building edifices, recognitions and citations for worthy projects. It is incomparable.

  6. The Forest
    The seed that fell on good soil produced not just a hundred or two but hundreds and thousands. That good seed continues to permeate cities, provinces, islands, tribes, companies and schools. It will persist on touching people from all walks of life – rich and poor, young and old, street children and community folks with the vision and mandate of reproducing changed lives up to the third generation.

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