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Serve in a Ministry

Praise and Worship Ministry

  • Coordinator: Bro. Mark Ren and Bro. Yalel Termulo
  • Asst. Coordinator: Sis. Regh Alviento

Auditions are on going every Saturday 1:00 PM at Crossworld Auditorium

Dance Ministry

  • Coordinator: Sis. Raquel Royo

Ushering Ministry

  • Coordinator: Sis. Paulyn Davis

Marshals Ministry (Gatekeepers)

  • Marshals Ministry (Gatekeepers) and Car Parking
  • Coordinator: Jun Igual

Production Ministry (CROSSWorld Prod)

  • Coordinator: Ps. Mark Alviento

Hospitality Ministry

  • Coordinator: Sis. Ma. Victoria Vidar

Consolidation Ministry

  • Coordinator: Sis. Cielo Lejano

Children’s Ministry

  • Kidzone Coordinator: Sis. Colleen Siongco
  • J12 Coordinator: Sis. Joyce Igual

Think Tank Ministry

  • Coordinator: Ps. Amor Fernandez

Malikhain Ministry

  • Coordinator: Sis. Anielle Roque
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