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Every Home for Christ



Imagine if you take Jesus home.

He will radically change your life and the lives of the people you love.
Jesus will bring hope, forgiveness, healing and favor to every home that welcomes Him.

Peter was so enthralled by Jesus in His ministry to the people in the synagogue and in the marketplace that he decided to take Him home. Jesus healed Peter’s mother in law and that led to a feast. Later the whole town was all over the house of Peter. The multitudes came when he took Jesus home.

For three months that Obed-Edom adopted the Ark of the Covenant in his home, he and his family were blessed beyond measure. David did everything he could to bring the presence of God into his place.

Every Home for Christ Win-Consolidate Conquest aims to do just that, to make every home a home for Jesus. This is our own little contribution for personal, family and national transformation towards world conquest.
As you open your home to the Lord, get ready to be overwhelmed by His presence and overtaken by His blessings.

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