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Join a Life Group!

What is a Life Group?

As the name implies, it is a place time and an experience where we could celebrate the Give of life, the Gift of life and the Goals to life with at least three (3) other people.

Why Life Groups?

  1. Learning – We can best learn and obey God’s Word in groups. Growing together in His promises, commands, instructions and revelations.
  2. Intercession – The group helps bridge the gap between God and man in prayer, care, guidance and support to build and nurture one’s relationship towards God and people.
  3. Friendship – Life Group is the best place to bring many others to connect with us and the Lord. People need help connecting with others in a healthy spiritual and social environment.
  4. Empowerment – People are empowered to serve others and God. People need a place to discover life’s purpose and unleash it as how God intends to be.

Who Can Lead a Life Group? A Life Group Leader who is:

  1. Consecrated – A life authentically surrendered to God, growing in grace and godliness.
  2. Connected – Mentors and life group leaders alike join together in an intentional accountability process. You don’t teach the lesson as a leader or teacher but as a disciple who sincerely and willingly applies the truths discovered.
  3. Committed – When you set the schedule for your LG Meeting with the day, place and time, you are determined to meet it constantly and consistently.
  4. Creative – Because you love your calling as a life group leader or mentor, you walk an extra mile to study, you welcome collaborations with your co-leaders to make a worthwhile and meaningful life group experience. Therefore, you bring the WOW of God’s wonders He had prepared for everyone through His Words.

How to Lead a Life Group Meeting?

Just prayerfully and efficiently observe the guidelines stated in the handbook. No personal agenda, please.




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