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One Drop of Water

It was so vivid. I saw a drop of water in my vision during a dark and desperate moment in my ministry as the pastor of CROSSWorld Church in the 90s. I was about to lose some long time members of the church and a million pesos. The Lord spoke to me, “Let them go and let the million pesos go. What you are about to lose is just a single drop.” In my vision, the Lord encouraged me to look closely at that one drop and as if the lens of the camera shifted its focus from the foreground to its background. I saw the crest of a rushing mighty waterfall, the rapids cascading to a large streambed flowing to the sea. I could almost hear the chipping sound of the rippling torrent and I could almost feel the splash of water droplets touching my skin. Then Lord said, “Trust me for I can give you more!”

That has been the story of CROSSWorld Church for more than three decades. It’s an adventure of losing and gaining and of letting go and letting God.

What started in a basement with 40 members has grown to be a church with a thousand members and twenty daughter churches here and abroad. CROSSWorld Church is a church so passionate about worshipping and obeying Jesus, so captivated by the grace of God in living an authentic life and so consumed with the glory of God that the world may know Him through intentional disciple-making.

One drop of water… one life of faith ushers in a mighty waterfall of blessings to the nations of the world.


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